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Why Does #FIRE and #OPTIONS Not Get More Attention?

If you are paying attention to financial information on the internet, you may have heard of #Fire, or Financially Independent Retired Early (FIRE).  There is a large movement and many people blogging about FIRE; how they’ve done it; how they plan to do it; and why you should do it […]Read more »

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Early Retirement and the Work Dilemma

I came across this article while research early retirement (#FIRE). I have long thought about the fact that I still want to work in retirement and plan to work until the day I die. Not because I’ll need the money, but rather, I’ll need the activity and accomplishment that comes […]Read more »


Best for #Summer – 30 oz YETI Tumbler

The Thirty oz Yeti Rambler is the best! I’ve been using the same one for about 6 years and still love it! This thing will keep ice water cold on the hotest of days for hours. I have left my Yeti in the car for several hours while at the […]Read more »

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California Government is Hurting Public Safety – Badly!

IF AB392 becomes law in California, there will be less people willing to be police officers. Tenured officers will retire, creating a younger, less experienced police force. That group will then make bad decisions which will subject them to criminal prosecution.From there, it will be even harder to hire police […]Read more »

Dividend.Com Assist

Dividend Assist by

Recently, I discovered a new feature that help me project my dividend income in one of my retirement accounts. About a year ago I subscribe to to look for new opportunities in dividend paying stocks. I use both and CEF to find opportunities in high-yield stocks and […]Read more »

Learn Options at Investopedia

Want to get started in options? Instead of writing what’s already written, head over to to get started on your options training today:

Yield Curve Fears on the Horizon? From #RealInvestmentAdvice

I recently came across the website and their discussion on the yield curve flattening.  I also read the and their discussion on the FED always overshooting interest rate hikes.  This weekend’s newsletter from even referred to the FED member’s justifications towards the flattening that the yield curve […]Read more »

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The Need for More – Diderot Effect from Medium

What a great article.  I want to bring good things to my readers and this is one I came across which outlines why people buy things they don’t need and feel they need more. The advice is sound and I feel an ackowledgement this happens to all of us is […]Read more »