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Today’s Trade (11/27/13) is a Jade Lizard on Aeropostale ($ARO)

  Today’s Trade (11/27/13) is a Jade Lizard on Aeropostale (ARO).  A Jade lizard consists of a short (Naked) put and a short call vertical.  This Jade lizard is set at 12/14 short call vertical and a 9 naked put.  You collect .50 on the Dec 13 trade, or you can choose a Jan 14…

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Want Think-or-Swim Scripts? is for you!

One of the best sites we’ve found with some excellent scripts (already built!) for the platform is Several of the scripts we use on our charts for trading. Although we don’t use charts exclusively, we do look at them to get a visual sense of direction. The $99 (and up) pricing is definitely…

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Covered Call Lesson on Think-or-Swim platform by

Featured Video Play Icon Offers a Free Lesson on a basic Covered call on ETF’s and Stocks.  This is shown on the platform. A covered call involves selling calls against a long stock position.  You have to own at least 100 shares and be approved in your account for level one options trades. This is the most…

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Weekend Market Summary by wants to be your premiere site for Delta Neutral, High Probability Options Trading.  As part of that you need a ‘macro’ view of the market.  Instead of reporting this, I have come to love for their insightful view of the markets each weekend.  So instead of reinventing the wheel, I would simply offer…

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We Have Access to the New Website!

First Glance Screenshots of We have access to the new website and wanted to get pictures of the site out to people.  The pages above shows the “Portfolio” page; “Follow” page; “Grid” page; and “Trade” page. First Glance Issues of These screenshots of should give you an idea of the…

Read More (Dough) Opens for its Public Beta Release Today!

It’s official,’s brain child, is officially being released into the wild today. We received our invitation today (although we have not received our signup confirmation which should come just a little later). Once we receive it we will try to put up at least a written review if not a review of…

Read More Will Be at Traders Expo, Las Vegas, November 20-23, 2013

We will be blogging and tweeting from Traders Expo Las Vegas, Wednesday through Saturday, November 20-23, 2013.  Follow our blog posts here, at, or via our twitter feed @selltheta    ( Website)  ( Twitter Feed)    

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Welcome to

We are working on a better format for our site.  We will be upgrading our site over the next few days. Our website is dedicated to the development of  a delta neutral, defined risk training philosophy. In the mean time, watch our newest video, Margin Explained on the Think-or-Swim Platform.

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