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Market again overcomes early slop, rallies to close out the week. Market straight up for two straight weeks, but no one taking off the upside ahead of a 3-day weekend. Some say market move has to end, others say it’s just the start of more upside to come.   Some index patterns look terrible near…

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Jobs report clinker, but apparently enough for stocks to rally. More of the same on the jobs report: disappointing, stagnant, but we are told not to worry about jobs. Funds drain from various equity vehicles, seek bonds. Indices move back up through cracked support, some don’t, but didn’t flinch, much, at jobs. Stocks show surprising upside…

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CNBC Article on Millenials and Jobs

  Interesting Article about the millenial generation and their similarities to baby boomers vs Gen X. Read the full article here:   Read the full article here:

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