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Weekend Summary from #InvestmentHouse – Macro #Economics 11/22/15 Home Page

MARKET SUMMARY – Friday bounces from the Thursday pause as market puts in its best week since . . . the last drop. – Friday move decent, not great. – Same leaders lead the move as others try to get their act together. – ECB still talking stimulus, bolstering the dollar. – Fed calls a…

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Selling #Theta and #Positive Theta

I was recently asked to explain how we trade.  I will usually briefly go into Delta Neutral and Positive Theta trading.  Then I’m asked, “You sell theta, but it is positive?”  I tell them yes, then I explain: When you sell an option, it affects the “Greeks” in your portfolio.  The option Greek “Theta” represents…

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Two #Options #Strategies for High Volatility by TastyTrade #Video

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  Ryan and Katie of Tastytrade answer viewer questions about Strangles and Straddles.  As a reminder, a Strangle is when you sell a short call and a short put out-of-the-money (OTM) with the same expiration date.   A short Straddle is a short call and a short put at the same strike and the same…

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Weekend Risk and Market Volatility Versus Weekdays

Weekend risk involves to primary option greeks, they are: Gamma – Large Swings in the Underlying can change your risk Vega – A Rise in volatility of the underlying and its options Market moving events can happen to a greater event as compared to the time between the weekdays.  This is both the time factor…

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