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PocketSmith: The Best Personal Finance Available

PocketSmith Personal Finance

Have you ever found yourself wanting a product to make your life truly easier, searching on the Internet and finding many products that are close but do not offer the full feature set you want. This was true for me with personal finance software over the last couple years. I stumbled across the product that…

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From Theotrade: Market on Edge

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  I wanted to share with the users this Theotrade video. It’s the weekend edition of November 19th, 2017. In this edition Don Kaufman talks about how the markets are teetering. I watched this video earlier in the day on Sunday and watch that futures open starting it down 50 cents and now down over…

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French Election on Trader’s Minds Home Page

This week’s Investmenthouse Weekend Edition covers the french elections and what it could mean to the markets here in the U.S. For more information: InvestmentHouse MARKET SUMMARY – Talk, promises of tax and healthcare reform keep the market afloat late week. – Expiration rather lackluster, stocks close lower but hold their moves for the week.…

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What’s it all for? Setting Goals to Keep Your Trading Inline

Many people, me included, find themselves keeping their nose to the grindstone too much.  So this discussion is to see what goal setting can do for your trading. If you are trading for the sake of trading, then you may actually be gambling.  If you are treating your trading like a business and expect a…

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Weekend Market Summary for Sunday, February 12, 2017 Home Page

From MARKET SUMMARY – The Art of the rally. – Stock indices continue their rally to higher highs on another promise of something good to come. – Some leaders faded as the NYSE indices broke higher. Rotation or some leaders falling out. – Market still has macro negatives as it continues what has been…

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Macro Economic Picture for February 5, 2017 (Superbowl Sunday) Home Page

MARKET SUMMARY – Market overcomes the gap lower as NASDAQ, SOX push to new highs. – A few more negatives face stocks, but the upside bias is still winning out. – Not just typical stories are impacting stock movement, at least on a temporary basis. – Still plenty of good patterns. Plenty. – Jobs Report…

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