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We’ve come to rely on the research and insight provided by the team on their free, Weekend Market Summary.  I always enjoy reading this on Sunday and gives the reader an idea of what’s going on a Macro Economic Level.  Here is the overview and you can read more at

  • Jobs report shows some strength as full-time tries to play catch up to part-time, but most of the move comes from the return of government workers and there is still a lot of work to be done.
  • Stocks rise on the stronger jobs data as investors perhaps ready to take the training wheels off.
  • Where did the new workers go?
  • Incomes remain a problem, dropping 0.6%.
  • Is growth really strong enough to support these valuations? In Friday’s market surge, consumer non-durables, drugs led the move in a defensive shift.
  • Growth stocks need to regroup to keep the growth character of the market. With taper coming sometime in the next three months, how the market sectors react this week tells the kind of market we will have.

    Jobs beat, report viewed as better, stocks rally anyway, sort of.   Read More….

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