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French Election on Trader’s Minds

This week’s Investmenthouse Weekend Edition covers the french elections and what it could mean to the markets here in the U.S. For more information:



– Talk, promises of tax and healthcare reform keep the market afloat late week.
– Expiration rather lackluster, stocks close lower but hold their moves for the week.
– Recovery keeps several indices in more bullish patterns, but can they do anything with the recovery this time?
– French election has the status quo worried.
– Can the market make anything out of the hold of support?

But you made me promises, promises….. that you knew you would not keep….

From our point of view, the /ES (S&P e-Mini) is right at the 30 day trend line and support. A break lower could happen because of the election and options expiration and a little re-positioning.

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