June 6, 2014, Weekend Summary for Macro Economic Trends at Investmenthouse.com

This week, the summary clearly shows there is an ‘upside impetus’, which I tacitly agree with as of this minute.  However, the downside is usually ‘fast and furious’.  Will we get the downside going with the retail sales on Thursday? Maybe.  They have to use something as the excuse for the catalyst.

I would recommend reading the Investmenthouse.com weekend summary this week, as it is interesting how the jobs report is ‘decent’ and their explanation.  You can read by clicking here.

  •  Jobs decent (read mediocre), but some saying ‘strong’, ‘great.’ Jobs, as beauty, is in the beholder’s eyes.
  • How strong jobs? Earnings? Companies?
  • Still plenty of leaders, some new and some recycled, in the market, providing upside impetus.


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