May 25, 2014 Weekend Summary by

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  •  Sellers leave early for holiday, stocks continue rebound through Friday.
  • Growth sectors again show more strength with NASDAQ making an important higher high.
  • Leadership shows some old faces, new faces, and new old faces.
  • VIX breaks below range. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my.
  • The Fed doesn’t’ see any inflation, it just, as we do, feels it.
  • The rally about nothing. Most missed it and are pushing it higher or waiting for an entry.

The rally about nothing continues. 

The author jokingly talks about the Seinfeld episodes that talk about a ‘show about nothing’ and that’s what they related this most recent upswing to be.  The gist:  The market is going up on a ‘wall of worry’, but there is no upside catalyst.  We have to be careful, but the downside opportunity is there, as well.

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