May 4, 2014, Weekend Summary by on

This week’s weekend summary from covers the following concepts:

  • Jobs headlines trumpeted, reality still harsh, stocks and bonds not buying it.
  • Looks like a few make up jobs as participation crumbles, 1M added out to the out of workforce category, wages still stink.
  • Since the bottom of the recession, as many have left the workforce as jobs created (or saved?).
  • Underwhelming response from stocks leaves indices in the same place, and that is not necessarily good.

The jobs report was the deal killer.  Although the ‘front end’ technicals for the job market look good, there are some underlying issues.  Underemployment, people who have ‘checked out’ of the job market entirely, and regulation (read:  ObamaCare) slowing the economy.  Add increased fuel prices and an already toppy market, well, you get the picture…

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