Great Website for Long Term Investors


Like most people, we cannot trade options in our company sponsored 401(k) or 457 plan. Therefore, we invest in closed end funds to gain the monthly dividend. One of the better sites I’ve found is . Their fund screener is one of the best.

The benefit to using closed end funds is they don’t add shares when purchases are made, therefore, they trade like stocks instead of mutual funds. The difference? Well, if we had a flash crash and you wanted out of trade, you can do so any time during the trading day.

Additionally, if someone else buys shares, that increases the value of the share price. The goal is to buy closed end funds at a discount to their NAV (Net Asset Value). Go ahead and do a little research. These can be a great addition to a limited trading account like the ones you find in company sponsored retirement accounts!

Check out the site at:

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