Quick Thoughts going into #Christmas Week

Markets are down for the weekend of December 20, 2015, and will probably be thinly traded in the upcoming week with the markets closed for Christmas on Friday.

With 2016 closely approaching, we should look at what may happen in the near future.

There is discussion the new year may well bring a recessionary economy. Hopefully, it’s light and only an issue in the first half of the year. The economy was believed to be in recession before the quarter-point rate hike from the FOMC meeting.  the FOMC often raises rates just as the economy starts a recession.

2016 will bring many other issues, ISIS, the presidential election, and other opportunities and problems.

There is discussion about repealing Obama care. Obama care presented a problem for the economy in that it is a tax and it does affect growth; especially in the small capital markets. Small business just cannot afford a tax that hefty. This brings problems for entrepreneurialism and small businesses throughout the country.

Little to say there are more people out of work and even many more not even trying to get work. That means they’re living at home with their parents, living on one income, or retiring early at the risk of not making enough to finish off retirement by the end of their life.  This means they will have to go back to work!

This is all concerning but easily remedied. Hopefully we can get a Republican President who understands economics and understands the need to be nice to small businesses and not overtax them. The eight years of Obama have proven disastrous and will be a legacy for years to come. We need now to get back to business and really hold people accountable to be productive citizens, get them off of welfare and move forward as a group.  Anything less may well mean problems for the United States.

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