September 30, 2014, Market Action – $RUT and $TZA

Today, September 30, 2014, we had a rather tumultuous day in the markets. The market started slightly higher and then dipped to its lows only to recover slightly and then some late day selling.

The $RUT is the is index to watch in my opinion, in that it is leading the charge down. There’s just no benefit for small business right now with the political and economic climate. Although the market is going up and there is still money being infused by the federal government, I feel this is showing that the end is near. The $RUT going down I feel is going to pull the rest of the market down, as well.

We are long several $TZA shares and put verticals in that stock in both our IRA and our trading account.

If you look at the chart attached you can see that the market appears to be ready to crumble if you compare the $TZA which is the long 3X Bear stock on the $RUT.

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