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French Election on Trader’s Minds Home Page

This week’s Investmenthouse Weekend Edition covers the french elections and what it could mean to the markets here in the U.S. For more information: InvestmentHouse MARKET SUMMARY – Talk, promises of tax and healthcare reform keep the market afloat late week. – Expiration rather lackluster, stocks close lower but hold their moves for the week.…

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Is Today a Market Inflection Point?

Several times a year, I get an eerie feeling when looking at my trading. I find myself scratching my head, and wondering, “is it going to get worse from here?” Many times I found that be the inflection point or reversal and trend. I’m not sure if today’s trading is that they, however, it does…

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Why #Options #Trading is the New Black

Many people think that options trading is a very risky investment. Although there are risks involved in options trading, there are also risks in stock trading, mutual fund trading, and almost any other investment in the world. What I found is that if you use defined risk strategies, you can minimize your risk even lower…

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Comparing High IV Option Spreads by

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In this video Tom and Tony compare short premium options trades against previous shows. In this video they compare and at the money straddle, the Jade lizard, and a broken wing butterfly.   For purposes of this study, the following were used: EWW, GLD, IWM, SPY, & TLT Five years Trade on first day of…

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March 30, 2014, Weekend Summary from

Yet another weekend summary: A relief attempt gets the same treatment as other rally efforts. ¬†Looked ready to go, but was not. Outside of some spectacular selloffs, much of the market looks pretty solid. Indices still divided, no pattern looks that great, but there are many good upside patterns out there. Spending and Incomes…

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Is This Rally a Trap?

In looking at the chart for the S&P Futures, I think it is. One of my favorite chart signals is the Person Propietery Signals (PPS). When this down move started, we got our traditional ‘Sell’ signal, however, on this rally, a ‘Buy’ signal was ever established. Although I’m not big on charting, I use this…

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