#Weekend Summary by Investmenthouse.com

  • Market again overcomes early slop, rallies to close out the week.
  • Market straight up for two straight weeks, but no one taking off the upside ahead of a 3-day weekend.
  • Some say market move has to end, others say it’s just the start of more upside to come.   Some index patterns look terrible near term, others look just fine. Same with individual stocks. The market nonetheless keeps producing solid upside stock patterns and moves.

Impressive low to high again even if the internals stink. After all, it was the beginning of a 3-day weekend Friday.

Bulls and Bears:

Bulls fade to 41.8 in another big drop of 4.1 on top of the prior week’s 7.2 point decline.

Bears steady at 17.4 after clearing the 15.3 resistance two weeks back.

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