Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook Review

December 12, 2017 Chris Meadows No comments exist

I had a need to have a notebook I could write in on my desk. Even though I prefer to take notes on my Surface, I still find the need to be able to write something down on real paper. I still want to be able to archive it in Evernote or keep a .PDF copy of the page. Enter Rocketbook. Rocketbook has several different styles. The one I went with is the Everlast. As its name intends, it lasts! You can erase pages with plain water and use the pages again. The notebook requires a special pen, but the writing is very natural. I just keep the pen clipped on the notebook so I know I’m using the right one. Using another pen would render the notebook useless, so make sure you use the pen!

I’ve been using this at work and I can easily scan and e-mail, send to Evernote, or other options based on my app setup on the phone. Simply take a picture of the page and off you go. Check this out at: Rocketbook Everlast on Amazon


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