Setup a Watchlist from a Scan in ThinkorSwim (TOS) From TDAmeritrade (Revised 2019)

In this video we explain how to convert a scan into a watchlist on the think or swim platform from TD Ameritrade. This can be useful if you want to limit your underlying stock or ETF decisions based on a smaller group of stocks that have certain guidelines in common, for example, average trading volume.

The video shows an average trading volume scan and how I converted it into a watchlist. Additionally, I show how to customize the columns on the watchlist. I have found this is an easier process to find stocks of interest than to use the scan tab for my basic trading guidelines. This is the perfect way to find high IV rank stocks quickly.

I’ve recently used this scanner to create ETF watchlists.  I do this quarterly for ETF’s, utilizing things like:  Volume over 2,000,000 shares; prices higher than $10 per share, etc.  Additionally, this helps you use your watchlist instead of the Think or Swim (TOS) scanner, which can be slow depending on the search.  Once you have the watchlist, you’re all set!

Here is a an example of my ETF watchlist as of 8/4/19.  I have it sorted by IV_Percentile, which allows for quickly fining High Volatility ETF’s to trade.

ETF Watchlist

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