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Dividend Assist by Dividend.com

Recently, I discovered a new feature that help me project my dividend income in one of my retirement accounts. About a year ago I subscribe to dividend.com to look for new opportunities in dividend paying stocks. I use both dividend.com and CEF connect.com to find opportunities in high-yield stocks and closed-end funds.

I found myself having to download my brokers dividends and then trying to extrapolate out how much my dividends would be. This was time-consuming, and frustrating, in that you could not project quarterly dividends easily without simply averaging them out with your monthly dividends.

Enter dividend assist by dividend.com. Once you’ve entered the stocks in your brokerage account, it will project three months, six months, and one year out.  The projections give you a reliability percentage which I suspect will be useful once I’m actually retired and want to know how certain net income is. The ability for the financial planning between the quarterly and monthly dividends will be helpful, as well. For example in the featured image of this article you can see the income is slightly higher in April and October. Hypothetically, I would probably budget that money for things like property tax payments that occur at these times of year.

Unfortunately, dividend.com is a paid for site. It’s about hundred $49 per year, however, the time savings of dividend assist coupled with the ability to find high-yield stocks is probably worth the money. It certainly is to me.

They do have a free 14 day trial and I suggest you try the dividend assist portion of the website before you make your decision. HTTP://dividend.com

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