Hi, my name is Christian Meadows, but I go by Chris.  I created this website to talk about things I’ve found, things I like, thing I understand and mostly, things I want to share.  Eventually, I might refine it into something more “Niche”, but for now, it’s just everything I can think of.

If you would like to talk about something I’ve posted, please comment on the story.  I do moderate the posts to the extent I want to make sure they’re legit.  I am not interested in censure, but rather, in quality discussions.  If you would like to post a story I’ve written about on your webpage or social media, I’m fine, please just link to the original story on our page.

I’ll tell you more about me in the coming days, weeks and months.  Some of what I post will be what I’ve learned with anecdotal stories to support my logic.  I’m also interested in some sort of moral or lesson to the stories, so I’ll try to do that, as well.  Finally, the things I like that I’ve posted about is how this site will substain.  I am not interested in talking about a product, service, or anything I don’t use in my own life.  Everything I’ve posted are things I love or use.  If they have an affiliate program, we sign up and benefit.  If not, that’s fine too.  I want to make sure the things I post about are useful.

If you would like to contact me via US Mail, please do so at:

Christian Meadows
1201 N. Catalina Ave, #412
Redondo Beach, CA  90277

Thanks for taking some time to enjoy my site!