Early Retirement and the Work Dilemma

MMM Great News

I came across this article while research early retirement (#FIRE). I have long thought about the fact that I still want to work in retirement and plan to work until the day I die. Not because I’ll need the money, but rather, I’ll need the activity and accomplishment that comes with work. Maybe I won’t work as hard; maybe harder if I find something to be passionate about (PGA Tour card?).

Regardless of where you are on the work/retirement spectrum, this is a good read as it covers why we should want to continue working in retirement.

Please click on the link to go to “Great News- Early Retirement Doesn’t Mean You’ll Stop Working” by Mr. Money Moustache (MMM)

Weekend Market Summary for 03/23/19 by InvestmentHouse.com

032419 Weekend Status

One of my favorite macroeconomic websites is, of course, Investmenthouse.com. This week the newsletter talks about:

– Weak German PMI reports, weak Japanese output, yield curve inversion fears bring out the first serious sellers in a long time. 
– After a solid break upside Thursday, SP500 and NASDAQ are sold back into the range. 
– Small and midcaps threaten to break their uptrends. 
– Friday was likely inversion panic, but was it even warranted? 
– The market never peaks the first day of an inversion, so even if Friday was an yield curve inversion with meaning, the top is still a lot of upside moves away. 
– Even if this wasn’t an inversion to worry about, the move itself deserves respect, and some areas look very ready to sell. 

The big issue was the 3 month/10 Year inversion, however, there is not a lot of evidence that the 3mo/10yr inversion is a precursor to a recession. Most economists theorize that the 2yr/10yr inversion is a more sure sign. Of course, a short term inversion would happen before a 2 year, right? So, it can be an early indicator, but probably not an indicator with the certainty of a longer range inversion.

Note: I love their references to old-time movies or TV shows, read at their website for this week’s reference!

One more quote from the story, “The market is at one of those gut check points for the near term. Will the indices shake off the inversion worry and continue the upside, will they test back to midpoint or the bottom of the October/December consolidation range, or will they fully correct to the December low?”

So, in a nutshell, they’re suggesting a little more downside in the short-term, but saying the 3 month/10 year inversion, even if it were to show a recession, would not take shape for several more months.

Our Opinion? I believe there will be some more downside, although Monday may be tricky. The chart above shows a down arrow on Person Pivots (PPS on ThinkorSwim) and a break below the previous bar. The Implied Volatility is moving up, as well. It could be algorithims that overreacted to the inversion news, yet I believe it may just be time for some selling, too. Monday may be dubious as there is often an akward day after a PPS, which could be up at times, then a move down or flat. Tuesday will tell the real story from the technicals I keep an eye on.

I am playing this downside as an attempt to capture some long theta against the increase in volatility. I will wait a day or two to sell some calls against my long vol plays and probably adjust/roll expiring trades with the increased volatility. I have several trades that will need to be rolled starting on Thursday, so hopefully there is a few extra days of downside to get those plays in.

To read the original article, or to subscribe yourself, visit: InvestmentHouse.com

Dividend Assist by Dividend.com

Dividend.Com Assist

Recently, I discovered a new feature that help me project my dividend income in one of my retirement accounts. About a year ago I subscribe to dividend.com to look for new opportunities in dividend paying stocks. I use both dividend.com and CEF connect.com to find opportunities in high-yield stocks and closed-end funds.

I found myself having to download my brokers dividends and then trying to extrapolate out how much my dividends would be. This was time-consuming, and frustrating, in that you could not project quarterly dividends easily without simply averaging them out with your monthly dividends.

Enter dividend assist by dividend.com. Once you’ve entered the stocks in your brokerage account, it will project three months, six months, and one year out.  The projections give you a reliability percentage which I suspect will be useful once I’m actually retired and want to know how certain net income is. The ability for the financial planning between the quarterly and monthly dividends will be helpful, as well. For example in the featured image of this article you can see the income is slightly higher in April and October. Hypothetically, I would probably budget that money for things like property tax payments that occur at these times of year.

Unfortunately, dividend.com is a paid for site. It’s about hundred $49 per year, however, the time savings of dividend assist coupled with the ability to find high-yield stocks is probably worth the money. It certainly is to me.

They do have a free 14 day trial and I suggest you try the dividend assist portion of the website before you make your decision. HTTP://dividend.com

How to Keep a #Windows Machine Running Like a Mac!

Advanced System Care 11

Best Product for Windows Computer Maintenance

One of my favorite products for cleaning a computer, specifically a Windows machine, running in tip-top shape is Advanced System Care.


Advanced System Care, from IObit.com, is an all-in-one solution for keeping your computer running at peak levels. It offers features such as malware protection, malware removal, spyware protection, spyware removal, and tune-up options like memory, disk, and file structure.  The product also optimizes hard drives, keeps system memory clean and stable and removes infections of all sorts.


This is not to say you should not have an antivirus, you do. However, I found that the standard Windows Defender works great alongside Advanced System Care.

System Setup

Advanced System Care is easy to install and easy to set up. Below are settings that I recommend to you keep your computer tuned-up automatically, without any issues whatsoever.


  1. Enable all advanced system care functions except CPU monitoring.
  2. Go through each setting and make sure anything “Auto” is turned on.
  3. Be careful of anything marked “Secure File Delete” or the like, unless you are a CIA agent or something!  If you are concerned about deleting files, then use it, just understand that deleted is now deleted FOREVER!


The cost of Advanced System Care is approximately $30 for 3 licenses, per year. They do offer three license packs, occasionally for around $30. Below is a link to a three pack offer just for my viewers.


If you have a computer that runs all the time, such as a desktop, the auto-clean should work fine.  For laptop users who turn their computer off when not in use, may have to tune up the computer manually, every now and then.  You just open advanced system care and choose “Scan”, which is a large button in the center of the interface.  If you are ready to turn off the computer after the scan, simple choose “Fix and Shutdown”.  Choose other options for what suits your situation.  Some cleaning (i.e. registry) requires a reboot.  If you’re taking the time to scan, it’s probably a good time to reboot your computer, anyway.


I have been using Advanced System Care for years.  My computer almost never is exposed to malware and I rarely have problems.  I’ve installed it on parent’s computers, friends and neighbor’s computers, as well.  If you’re the local tech-guy (or gal) for your tribe, perhaps get people started on Advanced System Care.


On this blog, I try to only recommend things I use and enjoy in life.  Some things may be “One of the best” I’ve used, so I’ll recommend as a comparison.  For this product, it is simply the best I’ve used and kept my computer running issue-free for years.  In fact, I bought a MacBook Pro in 2015.  Although, it seems to be a great product, I’ve since gone back to Windows only.  Why?  Because, I just don’t have the issues on the PC of yesteryear.


If you have any questions about advanced system care, installation, or use, please comment below.

Click on the link below to buy:

Advanced System Care 3 Pack License

For More Information on IOBIT.com or their products:  Click Here

InvestmentHouse.com: A Great Macro #Economic Newsletter

InvestmentHouse.com Newsletter Page

Macro Economic Weekly Views

On another site I own, SellTheta.com, I’ve made several posts about InvestmentHouse.com and their weekend newsletter.  I wanted to bring it to this user base, since I talk about investments, retirement and the economy on this site, as well.  The newsletter does a great job of giving you a debrief of the previous weeks action and economics, as well as a glimpse in the future.  I also enjoy their occassional rants on economic policy from the governments and how they are counter-productive.  Those have settled down since Trump became president, as most economists are agreeing with the course of the President’s policies.

Each weekend, usually sometime on Sunday morning, they send an e-mail, or you can go to the page:  http://www.investmenthouse.com/frblog.php and read up.  I usually read the summary closely, News/Economy, the bulls vs. bears (An Indicator of Money Flow & Buyers), and Monday’s sections pretty closely.  Since I watch the market during the week, I really don’t need to know the action.  If you are a long term investor, this would be the one newsletter I use to catch up.  For more active investors, this is probably the only newsletter you need to get a handle on the long-term economics of our markets.

Below is a small sample of a weekend newsletter:


– The tax reform dance: market drops, rallies based upon a few senators
– Stocks surge back with even NASDAQ punching a new high ticket
– FAANG trying to rejoin leadership, small caps as well
– Economic data back and forth but trending higher ahead of a very busy data week.
– Rally toward yearend may have just caught on for all indices.
– Just when you thought the tax cut news was all baked into the market you get a couple of ‘no’ votes crossing over to ‘yes,’ even Korker’s, and you get a
market recovery, indeed, surge. Thursday RUTX and SP400 sold off on renewed worries the bill would fail when Marco Rubio and Mike Lee were said to be a
‘no’ and a ‘leaning no.’


On a week of back and forth economic news the market showed a lot of back
and forth itself, but the major indices did not give up their trends.


Bulls and Bears: Pretty large drop though still easily over 60 for the
bulls. That is still in the overly optimistic range and of course the surge
Friday will bring them around again to the upside. This is a warning
indication, but not a great timing device.

Bulls: 61.9 versus 64.2

Bears: 15.2 versus 15.1


Fed hiked rates as expected, has a gentle upward slope as expected, lots
more data to come in the week ahead: Housing starts, Existing Home Sales,
GDP third, Philly Fed, Leading indicators, Personal income and spending,
Durable Goods Orders, New Homes, Michigan Sentiment. A veritable data dump.
Overall the economic data is up and down but trending up.

For the last complete InvestmentHouse.com Newsletter, head over to their website and sign up for their free newsletter: Investmenthouse.com