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Five Things Your Broker Won’t Tell You About Options

Before we get started, please understand this article is to orient you to the opportunities.  This is in no way a “How to” guide, as there are more dynamics at work.  The goal is to hope you will learn more about options. Options allow you to limit your risk Options […]Read more »

Account Showing Beta Weighting to the $SPX

#Delta for #Value and #Retirement Investors

But First, an Explanation Before I get started speaking about Delta I want to correlate what I’m about to talk about to another aspect of life. Most of us learned to drive when were about 15 or 16 years old. We get the basics, we get formal education, and we […]Read more »

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The Unconventional Guide to Retirement Savings

Expanding Ideas on Investments In a world where we’re told to ‘play it safe’, I’m here to suggest something a little more robust.  After all, life involves risk.  I wrote an article about low risk versus high risk and the benefits to taking on a little more risk.  I would […]Read more »

Advanced System Care 11

How to Keep a #Windows Machine Running Like a Mac!

Best Product for Windows Computer Maintenance One of my favorite products for cleaning a computer, specifically a Windows machine, running in tip-top shape is Advanced System Care.   Advanced System Care, from, is an all-in-one solution for keeping your computer running at peak levels. It offers features such as […]Read more »

Amazon Echo

#Amazon #Echo (2nd Gen) as TV Bluetooth System

Not a Bad Way to Bluetooth About a year ago, I realized I needed a speaker in my office that brought the sound inside the office.  The TV in the office is setup near the door with the speakers on the back of the TV.  The sound just kind of […]Read more » Newsletter Page A Great Macro #Economic Newsletter

Macro Economic Weekly Views On another site I own,, I’ve made several posts about and their weekend newsletter.  I wanted to bring it to this user base, since I talk about investments, retirement and the economy on this site, as well.  The newsletter does a great job of […]Read more »

Low Risk Vs High Risk: Who Wins?

Low Risk VS. High Risk:  What’s Better? Today, I want to talk to about low risk versus high risk investing. I want to tell you story about a conversation I had with a friend, where he was insistent on making 4% on his money in his 401(k) as the safest […]Read more »

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Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook Review

I had a need to have a notebook I could write in on my desk. Even though I prefer to take notes on my Surface, I still find the need to be able to write something down on real paper. I still want to be able to archive it in […]Read more »

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Online Personal Finance Software: Pocketsmith

Great Personal Finance for Everyone! This is a post from our options trading website, Have you ever found yourself wanting a product to make your life truly easier, searching on the Internet and finding many products that are close but do not offer the full feature set you want. […]Read more »